A few years ago I became an apartment manager. After working on a few building in a couple different cities I found myself often shaking my head at some of the actions tenants,  and I started to notice a pattern. Talking to many of the people who work in and around apartments we came to the realization that there is a 20/80 rule, 80% of the people cause only 20% of the worry and headache. But the other 20% of the tenants make up for it by causing 80% of issues.                                                                                                                     Here are a few of the stories about those 20%, some are sad, some are happy, and most will make you shake your head.

I got a call this morning from a concerned neighbour. She had noted a person entering the building and figured that she must be a guest of one of my tenants. Now, I was waiting to hear something about people being silly on their balcony or were running around the neighbourhood drunk. Imagine my surprise when the neighbour told me that she saw this person j-walking. Now there’s a crime that’s not enforced enough. I thanked the lady and got back to my work.

Two days later I got a call from the anti j-walking lady. “I just through you should know I just saw that woman again! she yelled. “Which woman is that ma?” I asked as I held the phone away from my ear to lower the volume. “That guest of yours who insists on walking on the street as if she owns them” she yelled ” and I recognized her this time, she gave me fleas. ” I beg your pardon.” I said feeding puzzled. ” “I was standing beside her at the food bank and I know it was her who gave them to me, and she will give them to you and your tenants if you continual to let her come and go like that.!” thank you ma I appreciate your concern.” I said as I quickly hung up.

A few days later, just as I’ll gotten the fleas out of my head the phone rang, the now familiar shrill voice sang out, “I want the number!” What number would that be ma?” “The number for your boss you know the owner. I Know you’re not the owner, you’re not doing your job. That woman has being in your building again, I know because I saw her and she was carrying bagels.” I couldn’t help smile as I ask. How is a bagel bad ma. Well… well you’re just not taking this seriously enough. I want the owners number!” Yes ma, if you insist, here it is.” As I read out the number to the property manager. [After all why should I have all the fun.]

About manager02

A apartment manager who is constantly shaking my head at what some tenants come up with
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