Germs on the new carpets

We finally got our new carpets. After much discussion a lot of arm pulling and more discussions the owners gave in and approved the replacement of our 100-year-old flooring (just kidding, it was 110).   The new carpets are a dark blue with gold and grey specks through out. It always makes me feel good when I wonder around the building and see all the improvements we have done over the years. It makes me feel like we are providing the tenants with a home and not just an apartment.  So you can imagine my shock when, as I stepped onto the 6th floor I spotted one of my tenants pouring something on to my new carpets. “What are you doing” I ask a little louder than normal. The man jumped a little and looked up “I saw germs.”  “you’re what” I asked in disbelieve ” I saw germs on the carpet so I killed them with a little bleach.” the man said as he smiled and held up the bottle. I toke the bottle of bleach, and sent the man back to his suite, the carpet guys were able to patch the spot so that you wouldn’t know that a bug leavened carpet was ever there, and 30 days later I sent the gentleman packing, and I do hope that he finds a bug free home.

About manager02

A apartment manager who is constantly shaking my head at what some tenants come up with
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