We had summer

We had summer, it was on Fri & Sat now we’re back to winter. Which gave me a good segue  for my next story of the two roommates who could never seem to be able to pay their rent. I had inherited the lads from the previous manager, who let them slide a little. by the time I took over, they were a month & a half behind and the owners were getting fed up. After talking till I was blue in the face I finally got out the dreaded 10 day eviction notice (just a heads up landlords hate it when it gets to this point, and it’s a last resort.)       I was surprised to see that they were taking it to obligation. On that faithful day the obligato shuffled some papers around then ask the lads

“It said s here that you feel harassed by the manager and yet I also see that you are almost two months behind in the rent. Can you explain this to me?”

“Well sir you see we feel that Mr. Manager is asking too much and is over charging us.” “How so”

“Well you see, it snowed in Dec.”


“Yes sir it snowed in Dec and I couldn’t get to work for two days.”

“I fail to see just cause not to pay the rent.”

“I did tried to pay the rent this morning, but the office was closed.

“What time was this?”

“Around 6 ”

“And what time does the office open”

“9 o clock, but the manager said he would be in early”

“Mr. manager did you tell him you would be in early?”

“I do beleave I said that I’m sometimes early and that he should knock on the door, but I ment 30 mins early not 3 hours.”

“I see, well I’m sorry guys but the eviction stands you must pay the outstanding rent and leave the building.”

“But, but it snowed!”

About manager02

A apartment manager who is constantly shaking my head at what some tenants come up with
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